Brisbane Burners Running Group

Are you looking for a fun-loving running group? Well, look no further!

Whatever your running goals may be, the Brisbane Burners can assist you to reach your personal best. Running sessions vary from track work, interval training through to longer marathon-based training.

Over the years, several of the Brisbane Burners have reached exceptional feats, such as completing the Busselton Ironman, Gold Coast Marathon, Hunter Valley Marathon, Buenos Aries Marathon, Boston Marathon, New York Marathon and shortly, one Brisbane Burner will be completing his first 100km endurance race!

The Brisbane Burners are a social group who enjoy running trips and catching up over coffee after strenuous, but rewarding training sessions.

'Hill? What Hill?' Ty, the motivator and trainer of the group, ensures all runners are biomechanically efficient and are working to their full capacity.

When: Every Saturday morning at 5:30am
Where: Meet at 'Salt' - Rosalie
Cost: $10 per session