Whether you are looking to lose weight or train for a specific sporting event, our registered nutritionist can analyse your diet and provide a report with recommendations for improvement.

For example, the report may identify that you are lacking essential nutrients for a healthy gut microbiome. Alternatively, the report may identify that you are not eating at the right times for your training, or that you are overeating for your height, weight and/or energy levels. Recommendations will be provided to assist your weight-loss or sports-specific journey.

Ongoing consultations are available as required. It takes a few weeks until new habits are developed. Having your own 'coach' can assist you toward your end destination!


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Note: consultations can be conducted in the clinic, via email, phone or zoom.


"Camilla has been my Exercise Physiologist since 2008 following my diagnosis of chronic condition, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), in 2002 at age 58.  This neurological condition caused me confusion in my hands and thinking. I still have problems with balance and strength.  My weight dropped eight kilos to 45 kgs.

My condition continues to improve with regular weekly exercise sessions in my home as well as Scottish dancing, aquarobics and walking.

Camilla also has qualifications in nutrition and is working on her PhD.  She is helping me with my numerous food intolerances.

In 2015 my husband, then 78, had back problems and Camilla has helped him regain and maintain his strength.

Now we both do a weekly joint exercise session in our own home, and we enjoy good health and the extra energy and strength we have.

We find Camilla conscientious, empathic and professional".

Helen, Graceville