Testimonal #1

"Being a researcher myself, I appreciate Ty's emphasis from a scientist-practitioner approach. Ty maintains knowledge of up-to-the-minute research methods, executed deftly in highly-skilled practice. Ty is able to prescribe the most appropriate strategy for individual needs, maintaining focus on facilitating the best outcomes at all times. EPB are the all-rounders and provide exceptional exercise facilitation services".

Lisa, Paddington

Testimonal #2

"Following surgery for a broken foot I was on crutches for a number of months and had very limited mobility. This greatly affected my general muscle tone and physical condition and exacerbated a pre-existing back problem. I have been working with Todd over the past 12 months. Todd is extremely knowledgeable and he has continually adapted my program to suit my pain levels and my physical condition. I have made steady progress and don't believe I would have recovered as quickly without the dedicated support and tailored exercise program provided by Todd. To sum up my experience with EPB - professional, practical, proactive, positive, patient and polite."

Kathryn, Kelvin Grove

Testimonial #3

"Camilla has been my Exercise Physiologist since 2008 following my diagnosis of chronic condition, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), in 2002 at age 58.  This neurological condition caused me confusion in my hands and thinking. I still have problems with balance and strength.  My weight dropped eight kilos to 45 kgs.

My condition continues to improve with regular weekly exercise sessions in my home as well as Scottish dancing, aquarobics and walking.

Camilla also has qualifications in nutrition and is working on her PhD.  She is helping me with my numerous food intolerances.

In 2015 my husband, then 78, had back problems and Camilla has helped him regain and maintain his strength.

Now we both do a weekly joint exercise session in our own home, and we enjoy good health and the extra energy and strength we have.

We find Camilla conscientious, empathic and professional".

Helen, Graceville